Tobi Hill-Meyer

They note that the existing exclusion of these surgeries was from 1981 with the justification that such surgeries were considered “experimental.”  Of course, at this point they’ve been performed for well over half a century and even at the time they were grounded in decades of medical experience.  There are many modern medical treatments that are much more experimental than this.

The fact that Medicare is considering this kind of coverage is incredibly significant, and by soliciting public comment hopefully they will have the basis in reality, research, and personal experience to counter any bigoted outcry that may occur.

This comes on the heels of a bulletin Colorodo’s Division of Insurance released earlier this week banning the discriminatory practice of excluding trans related health care from private insurance policies, joining Oregon, California, and Washington DC.  I’m not sure about the rest, but Oregon’s state health plan also updated it’s coverage policy to end this form of discrimination.

It’s one thing to remove discriminatory trans exclusion clauses from private insurance, but considering the rampant un- and under- employment in the trans community we have to remember that most trans people don’t have access to private insurance.  The opportunity to influence this critical decision for medicare is vital.  Everyone should take a moment to write a little something about why this coverage is important, and why it’s exclusion is based on bigotry and prejudice rather than fact.

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